Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Why George Lopez Is Champion


Who are your five favorite standup comedians? George Lopez makes my list because he is a distinguished gentleman like Eddie Murphy. It’s not always a bad thing when the gray hair starts showing. The best comedians are experienced on stage and in life too.

This doesn’t mean soldiers need to take a bullet or need to get fired at and take cover. Funny people get my drift. I’m a long time George Lopez fan.

You see there is a lesson in Lopez’s story. That’s why Lopez is a focal point in Elite Latino Comedians: Best in Show Biz. Remember elite isn’t a bad word but fuck is. All I am saying is there is nothing wrong with doing your best. This Hollywood star keeps shining especially in dark times.

 Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

That’s when you know you’re on top. The tabloids can write anything and it doesn’t faze you. George Lopez tells the truth. He takes risks. For instance, Spare Parts was a film that could have failed. Instead this movie showcased his skills as a dramatic actor much like Reign Over Me did for Adam Sandler.

What is more, the Latino, Asian, and African American communities respect Lopez for championing important causes. I highly recommend watching Spare Parts- a true story about a Latino high school beating MIT in an underwater robotics tournament. It is thought provoking.

Plus the movie is funny. How can you not laugh with George Lopez? If Steve Harvey is the #1 Answer, then George Lopez is Numero Uno.

The Mexican American actor has came a long way to make it big. He got here by staying focused. So the moral of the story is to don’t lose focus and keep trying. George got knocked down on the ground, but he got back up. And that’s what champions do. 

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

X-Men Apocalypse Movie Review SPOILER ALERT


Apocalypse awakens from a deep sleep ready to usher into the world a new age. However, Professor X, Mystique, and their X-Men will fight for the good of humanity and themselves. Apocalypse handpicks 4 mutants to take over and rule the world.

I give the X-Men: Apocalypse movie 4 stars. That’s 1 star for every horseman (as advertised). The movie lives up to the buildup. Plus the new characters make a grand entrance. It’s funny seeing how Cyclops can’t control his powers and inadvertently destroys Professor X’s grandfather tree. This film receives high marks on the plot and screenwriting.


My favorite part had to be Hugh Jackman’s exit as Wolverine. How do you replace someone that great? Maybe, you don’t.

Moreover, the new Storm did a good job replacing Halle Berry. Give her time and she’ll become a big star. Hollywood should have more actresses like this. Give a nod to Phoenix too. She delivered more than expected as well.

Apocalypse was the very first mutant in the comic book. The scenes in this movie are like a comic book come alive. Comic book collectors can sit down with amateurs and enjoy this movie together.

There are a lot of conflicts within conflicts. Will Maury tell Magneto “You are the father,” about Quicksilver? Can Professor X get Apocalypse out of his head?

X-Men Apocalypse fathoms the idea of the world ending. Apocalypse attempts to rule the planet by absorbing every power. Hence, he disarms all nations of their nuclear weapons. Then, with the unwilling help of Professor X, he’s able to control every person.

While under mind control his words become orders obeyed by all. The only one who can really disobey is Professor X, because his power supersedes even Apocalypse’s own, he just doesn’t know it yet.

Overall, I love X-Men:Apocalypse. I might go see it a second and third time. It’s deserving of a B+ grade. They always set the bar high, do they?

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

15 Minutes of Adam Sandler


Great comedians like Adam Sandler make not so great movies sometimes. The tradeoff is that Adam Sandler makes really great movies here and there. No one doubts his funniness. Watch 15 minutes of Adam Sandler when having a hard time laughing.

The remedy for boredom is comedy. Adam Sandler could be your CVS pharmacist. He dispenses his jokes like medicine.

What is more, few comedians make great actors. Tell me what beats Adam Sandler in rare form. Reign Over Me remains one of my favorite movies because it showcases all of the comedic actor’s gifts.

Are you looking forward to the Do-Over? This Netflix original starring Sandler and David Spade is about two friends faking their deaths and taking on new identities. Watch the 3 minute trailer and try not to crack a smile.

Photos By: Wikimedia Commons

Showbiz can be tough, especially being funny in the business. Sometimes the joke is on you. What do you do when your world caves in and the chips are stacked against you?

Adam Sandler received a lot of heat for Ridiculous Six. How did he respond? In life, you must be smart about your reactions. Everyone won’t see it your way.

Adam Sandler serves as a perfect example of how to handle criticism. Check out who’s better Adam Sandler Vs. Jerry Seinfeld.

Nowadays Hollywood wields great power. Celebrities must be careful because the media will go after them for one wrong move. The margin of error is slim.

Sandler put on an awesome performance in Pixels. Adam plus Kevin James is a winning combination. You see Sandler scores touchdowns, when most just get extra points. Who remembers the Longest Yard and the Waterboy?

Adam also can score a hole in one like Happy Gilmore. Most people want 15 minutes of fame. I want 15 minutes of Adam Sandler.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Who’s Funnier Than Zach Galifianakis and Steve Carell?


Check out Between Two Ferns. You see as a pair Zach Galifianakis and Steve Carell could take over the comedy world. 10 years from now you’ll play that clip and still laugh from your gut. That’s the best kind of laughter.

Zach Galifianakis and Steve Carell answer the question: what’s so funny? Zach has mastered the art of self-deprecation. And Steve Carell’s persona epitomizes a narcissist. That’s why together they are 1 dangerous force.

Can you picture a comedy tour with these comedians? Zach Galifianakis drums up funny beats for a living. Who’s funnier than him?

Maybe, Steve Carell can make you laugh a little more. Both brands command attention. You see comedy and marketing go hand and hand.

I feel that Carell is the best actor between the two ferns. However, Galifianakis is a funnier comedian. You’ll sure have a ball watching them go to town. For what it’s worth, Steve Carell made the Office. And Zach Galifianakis made the Hangover. 

Zach’s standup experience prepares him perfectly for movies. Although he isn’t the best, he is a good actor. Galifianakis delivers a great performance in Birdman. Also, in Are You Here, he and Owen Wilson demonstrate their entertainment value.

Hollywood stars are jealous of Zach and Steve because their names draw enormous crowds. For the record, Evan Almighty should be recognized as a classic, despite Jim Carrey not reprising his role. Plus Hangover Part III was unfairly criticized. Remember that the original tends to be better than sequels.

I think Ricky Gervais is proud of Steve Carell in Office. And I believe Will Ferrellappreciates Zach’s offerings to Funny or Die. I don’t like Dan In Real Life but Bored to Death is excellent work. Also, 40 Year-Old Virgin is one of the funniest movies ever. In a nutshell, who’s funnier than Zach Galifianakis and Steve Carell?

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Chuck Berry Is Greater Than An Icon


What is Rock and Roll without Chuck Berry? Chuck Berry is greater than an icon. The legend was born in St. Louis Missouri.

Moreover, his sounds are heard like Cardinals and Blue Jays all around the world. He sings like a Robin and dances like a Cuckoo Bird. Plus he plays the guitar like an Ostrich.

Looking back at his accomplishments it’s easy to get lost for words. How do you honor the most honorable? Some say Chuck Berry became King of Rock and Roll.

What’s your favorite Chuck Berry song? Whether Johnny B. Goode or Maybellene, Berry’s hits are homeruns, triples, and doubles. Berry’s singles are #1s in any era. Plus the celebrity knows how to make people have fun at concerts. 
Photos: Public Domain

With songs like Ding-a-ling, people admire his sense of humor. When I think about Rock music, I think about Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Metallica, the Beatles, and Chuck Berry. At an uneasy time in history, Berry brought black and white together. He was born in 1926. He lived through the riots and uproar.

Moreover, Berry believes in his music. That’s why millions believe in him. I’ve listened to Chuck Berry on Vinyl records. It’s not the same on CD. Something about a record spinning entices the ears as well as the eyes. What beats the Chuck Berry sound?

Right now Rock desperately demands another Chuck Berry. Let’s honor the one and only today. Appreciate all living legends because they deserve acknowledgement while they are still here. Recognize their value and contributions. 

In closing, I love math. That’s proof Americans do love math. A sign I used often is (>) greater than. Well in case I ever receive an autograph from Mr. Berry, I want him to sign > after his signature because Chuck Berry is greater than an icon.

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